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Do you remember when you joined ? I don't to be honest!
That I set up (Twitter alternative ) in Feb this year is much easier to remember.

Life's priorities according to the most popular UK politician. (Disclosure: I disagree;) )


“On Friday the Prime Minister said never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes, look at wage growth. What does that say of this Prime Ministers priority’s?”

Rishi Sunak - “I think that was a mischaracterization of what he said”

Let’s take a look at that


Did replace the perfect "Atlassian Smart Links" Slack integration with "Jira Cloud" :(?
Anyone else noticed links are no longer automatically across the *whole* instance?
(P.S. I know I could connect each and every to get unfurling+Spam)

First time to s album Incunabula (#1993). !
Have a listen to .

Overcame a step face in : Watched Episode I (of course I had to start with IV A New Hope)

Side note: IMHO late hit rock bottom of the

[Dutch] Wist niet dat de af-en-toe bijgewerkt moest worden @donorinfo ...
is nieuw.

Unfortunately automation currently cannot include attachments while cloning so they have to be .
Please vote for -75991 and -76301 to increase the chances of this.


Then: Dunning–Kruger effect

Now: epistemic trespassers


to replace text in 🤔 . I like the idea of saying goodbye to a bag of tricks to extract the info I need 😃 .
Yet admit I get the is the of the 🤨 (XML of is also 😅)

Insight on , , from on-the-ground witness:

"I hold U.S. civilian leadership, across four administrations, largely responsible for today’s outcome. ... the U.S. military is subject to civilian control. And the two primary problems identified above — corruption and Pakistan — are civilian issues. ... no top civilian decision-maker was willing to take either of these problems on. The political risk, for them, was too high. "

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