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Insight on , , from on-the-ground witness:

"I hold U.S. civilian leadership, across four administrations, largely responsible for today’s outcome. ... the U.S. military is subject to civilian control. And the two primary problems identified above — corruption and Pakistan — are civilian issues. ... no top civilian decision-maker was willing to take either of these problems on. The political risk, for them, was too high. "


Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for health insurance during this special enrollment period. Go to and join more than two million Americans who have gotten covered over the last six months.


I thought I had a botched update during my but upon my return today I found out that the had been pulled from my 🤭 .

Dutch: of je stopt de stekker erin stuurt idd geen SMS meer :(
nodig, nodig, nodig :( :( :(

RT lijkt overbelast te zijn... met nieuwe eisen voor Frankrijk nodig om vier nieuwe testen in te plannen....


TBH Don't know which sport he plays but I enjoyed this humor in good spirit :).




@GGDGHORNL Login of is down.
Tried a couple of times in the last 7 minutes but gives 504 timeout., @digid

My phone still says "4G" even after my 2nd vaccination 🤔

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