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Except for a group of fanatic followers not many still have faith in the and ...

A shame, I remember visiting a in #2012


It's been a few years ago Saskia and Ella were spotted in Utrecht:


She even got a hug at @LeGuessWho after her from one of her favorites @flohio16:


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@debugagent@twitter.com @heinzkabutz@twitter.com Tip: don’t obsess over micro performance details. They generally matter way less than you think, way less often. Write clear correct code. Optimize when strictly necessary. Free up brain cycles for actual value-creating activity.

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Spent too much time on 'attempt to write a readonly database' ...
turns out read-write access for the folder is also required 😩

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It’s another reminder on what works for Google or Facebook or any big tech… don’t copy blindly if you’re not them.

Not their hiring process, not their (local) compensation strategy.

And yes, startups can compete and win on talent vs even Google, locally. Just choose your game.

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! (= !) this new 0.0% by

One of the of the - as the days grow colder the heavier seasonal flavors are brewed again :). And with great :) :)

@joplinapp Thanks! Had not noticed the issue yet when your toot brought it to my attention.

Can confirm it fixed it for me on BigSur.

For those of you having trouble with the "Certificate has expired" error with Let's Encrypt certificates, give a try to v2.5 pre-relese, which shoudl fix the issue. discourse.joplinapp.org/t/pre-

Before I thought we as the only had an , but in recent years it has turned into a with , , and causing all this: drug policy!

soft drugs like to stop it from and ing our government.

(And no, I am personally not even a consumer)

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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There’s just one month left until ! It will be so great to celebrate with you all again soon.

Before we get there though, there are a couple of things we’d like to draw attention to.

Read on 👇

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