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One of the of the - as the days grow colder the heavier seasonal flavors are brewed again :). And with great :) :)

Before I thought we as the only had an , but in recent years it has turned into a with , , and causing all this: drug policy!

soft drugs like to stop it from and ing our government.

(And no, I am personally not even a consumer)

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There’s just one month left until ! It will be so great to celebrate with you all again soon.

Before we get there though, there are a couple of things we’d like to draw attention to.

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Do you remember when you joined ? I don't to be honest!
That I set up mastodon.habets.dev/ (Twitter alternative ) in Feb this year is much easier to remember.

Life's priorities according to the most popular UK politician. (Disclosure: I disagree;) )

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“On Friday the Prime Minister said never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes, look at wage growth. What does that say of this Prime Ministers priority’s?”

Rishi Sunak - “I think that was a mischaracterization of what he said”

Let’s take a look at that

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[Dutch] Wist niet dat de af-en-toe bijgewerkt moest worden @donorinfo ...
is nieuw.

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