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Thank you to everyone watching and sharing this. I am grateful you all are standing with me.

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Look at the size of anti-war protestors in St Petersburg, Russia. Wow

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2018 video correctly predicting how would pan out...

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THE most brutal assessment of by the US embassy in London

- the economy is gonna tank
- the British Government isn't interested in telling people they got it wrong
- worst kind of inflation
- Brexit ends up not helping people
- leavers are absolutely terrified

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That Tory MP who wants the BBC to play the National Anthem every night 1st raised the idea 5 years ago - Newsnight reaction was brilliant...

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Oh boy... Let's ignore the and growth _again_ in the . appreciated but not organised, no ; 100% focus on . Will avoid in 5 w?

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Ok, komt ie-dan, het 136e OMT advies. Te zien als: u vraagt wij draaien en verwijt ons achteraf niet als we te optimistisch waren - advies.


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Position of B2B on Data vs Design is where I would have expected it to be. Direct impact of data on decision making process is much lower and more complex, and lead time much larger.

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If we group the companies into B2B, B2C, Fintech and Marketplaces/physical goods they align almost perfectly in clusters with just a few outliers

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Stay ! Let's all do our .

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Dr @mvankerkhove@twitter.com provides an update on Omicron transmission and severity ⬇️

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Één goede luchtfilter lijkt de besmettingen in schoolklassen bijna geheel plat te slaan. Sluit aan bij internationaal onderzoek en logica.

Dit is de weg voorwaarts: gezondheid, concentratie én continuïteit van het onderwijs

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Again great words from . I hope "Wir schaffen das!"

(And she's not exactly of my political colour but great respect for some great things she's said prominently over the years)

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In a speech at her farewell ceremony, outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel had a few last words of wisdom:

"Continue to see the world through the eyes of others."

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Public service announcement 2x every 15 minutes can drive a remote worker insane 😂

[No need to understand Dutch]

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