Part of the is just like in the ...

( ) And always nice if the long queue does not evaporate while you're waiting in it.

SOCKS is built in to OpenSSH, so it's a trivial matter to set up a local SOCKS proxy with the -D flag. For example:

$ ssh -D 12345 myuser@remote_ssh_server

Finally watched Paris, Texas (1984) on Monday evening. While discussing the ending with Saskia the next day it became apparent I managed to nod off on her lap a few times during the crucial iconic monologue scenes near the end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Premiere private hospitals running out of O2! Situation even worse for the regular folks. Let's get this in the news so we send help fast.


3) Again, Batra Hospital is one of the premiere private hospitals in Delhi for the rich. Here is the reality for the non-rich... it’s been long over for the public hospitals for the lay public....



Every single day my FB timeline is filled with people receiving their vaccines in the US. While I am happy for them, I am absolutely pissed that it is not happening here in .


Amazed by tech: "1922 video" of my when he was 18 years old with only this family picture as input. (via

I have to share this #programmingjoke every time I see it because it is too true 😀

Every #Developer Knows This Feeling 👀

Don't know why this was not cross-posted to Twitter...

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